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Las Palmas Photo: Matti Mattila / Creative Commons

Las Palmas, Spain

almost 3 years ago
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Las Palmas, Spain

almost 3 years agoPorts
Las Palmas Photo: Matti Mattila / Creative Commons

Statsraad Lehmkuhl visits Las Palmas September 30 - October 4 2021.

Las Palmas is located north on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands archipelago, just 100 km off the west coast of Africa.

A thousand years before our era, the islands here were populated by what the Spaniards called Los Guanches. No one knows exactly where they came from, and when the Spaniards conquered the archipelago in the 15th century, the whole culture disappeared. The city of Las Palmas was founded in 1478, and became an important maritime city. It is perfectly located for sailing ships planning to ride across the Atlantic on the Northeast Passage wind.

Normal maximum temperature in October: 26.2 ℃
Normal precipitation in October: 16.1 mm

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